Crafticalia Craft Club

The benefits of membership are widespread and comprehensive

Drop In
Drop In will be available on Mondays and Fridays 9:30am - 9pm and when there are no formal courses or workshops running. Craft Club members can drop-in and have FREE use any of the equpment, space, tools and library, subject to availability (machines can be pre-booked) and fair use policy. See Crafticalia's Resources list

FREE teas, coffee and biscuits available.

Member Discounts
Club members enjoy 10% discount on all purchases, courses and take-home equipment rental.

VIP Events
We will be running FREE "Club Members Only" demonstrations and events throughout the year.

Priority notifications and pre-public offers
Club Members will receive priority notification of events and first dibs on any Sales or Special Offers, before release to non-members.

Regular Email Newsletter
What's on, hints and tips together with special offers and links to interesting blogs and articles from around the world.

Micro-business opportunity
Members will be able to sell their makes via our shop and Crafticalia web site, subject to an additional £5/month subscription and 10% commission to cover administration and card fees etc. Finished items are required to be of merchantable quality and meet labelling and legal requirements. Special rates on professional product photography if required (which you can use on Etsy and Ebay if you wish).

Membership Fees
Membership costs £10 per month on subscription, cancellable at any time, with 10% discount for annual prepayment (and pro-rata refund on complete months remaining if cancelled).

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